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Article: Your Own Cacao Ceremony

Tu Propia Ceremonia de Cacao

Your Own Cacao Ceremony

Like everything in life, a ceremony requires a positive and open attitude. As this attitude allows, the benefits can grow and be seen more and better over time. 

The discipline and perseverance to practice this ritual generate that well-being manifests itself with more and more strength and clarity in your life. 

In summary, a cacao ceremony entails the execution of two fundamental actions:

1. Express your GRATITUDE. 

2. Define and externalize certain INTENTIONS. 

Your ceremony in 7 steps:

1. ASSIGN A TIME AND A SPACE, preferably at the start of your day. You need only a few minutes in an environment of privacy and silence. You can put an appropriate instrumental music. On Spotify you can search for music for cacao ceremonies and there is a list of all appropriate options, it is also great to do it with classical or New Age music. 

2. PREPARE YOUR DRINK. Celestial or ceremonial grade cocoa, as it does not contain sweeteners or additives, has a bitter taste. I recommend using about 30-50g of cocoa and initially add the sweetener of your choice and hot water. (We like agave honey) Blend everything and experiment. More or less sweet. More or less thick. Find your best recipe. Serve the drink in your favorite mug. 

3. OPEN YOUR CEREMONY. Begin by going quietly and taking two or three slow, deep breaths. Take your cup with the drink. Look at it, smell it and bring the cup close to your chest, close to your heart. Observe the rainbow that forms in the bubbles in the thickness of the cocoa and marvel at the sweetness of life. 

4. GIVE THANKS. We all have something to be thankful for. Whatever comes to your mind. Over time, your thank you list will grow and/or become clearer and deeper. 

5. SET AN INTENT for the day. Each day has an agenda and its own eagerness. Also over time you will become more sensitive to it. 

6. DRINK YOUR COCOA. Slow. Little by little. Learn to taste it and recognize its action in entering your body through your mouth.  Time alike will make you more sensitive to flavor and its properties and actions. 


Close your eyes, breathe, place your right hand on your heart, and smile. Get on with your day. 

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