Our intention

We fell in love with Cacao because we discovered that it provides a powerful and magical force that nature gives us.

Why do you think its name is "God's Food"? Eat and you will see.

Our original recipe began four years ago, mixing Cacao, dates, agave honey and salt. We learned to work with Cacao without using preservatives or molds. We let ourselves be guided by love and respect for the powerful food that is Cacao.

We work with Cacao in an artisanal way, with the hope and intention of returning to Cacao the power that all pre-Hispanic civilizations recognized in it, so that after centuries we can call it again: God's Food.

10 días de felicidad con Cacao Grado Celestial.

Al beber Cacao Grado Celestial durante 10 días, podrás experimentar increíbles beneficios en tu salud, como mejora de tu circulación sanguínea, protección del corazón y producción de la anandamida, un neurotransmisor responsable de hacerte sentir euforia y placer.

Además, al no contener aditivos ni conservantes, puedes tener seguridad de estar consumiendo un producto completamente natural y saludable.

Mazorcas de Cacao

Each Mazorca it´s a gift of love, carefully crafted on our Roma...