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Article: Why does Cocoa open the heart?

¿Porqué el Cacao abre el corazón?

Why does Cocoa open the heart?


Cocoa is a medicinal plant. The ancestral seed of Cocoa has the power to help us contact our interior.

When we drink Cacao in a ceremonial way, we give it the opportunity to act as a facilitator, an ally for every human being.

Cocoa affects the heart both physically and energetically. It accelerates the heart rate, increases the blood flow in the body and increases the amount of blood that reaches the brain, which creates a feeling of extreme well-being and pleasure. On an energetic level, Cocoa directly opens the heart chakra, allowing us to release sadness, grudges or weights that we all accumulate throughout life.

Incorporating Cocoa into a daily spiritual routine helps us to transform our lives, to live in harmony and with hearts full of love, compassion and grace.


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