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Article: Intentions for your Heavenly Grade Cocoa

Intenciones para tu Cacao de Grado Celestial

Intentions for your Heavenly Grade Cocoa

Putting intention into things may be a practice that we are not used to, that is how I started when I started my path with Cocoa and I discovered all the benefits that this superfood offered.

When I do Ceremonies, drinking cocoa allows me to more easily enter a meditative state of presence, peace, temperance and joy where it is easier for me to listen to the voice of my heart-intuition.

Sometimes we doubt a lot of what we think (and that's okay) but when planning your cocoa drink you can practice trusting the wisdom of your own inner voice and allowing it to manifest without judging or doubting yourself.

Here is a list of intentions that you can practice if you are new to starting your journey with Cocoa or if you are feeling stuck with intentions:

1.Intend to be more present

Being present- an art that is not so complicated.

Tip: Observe your breathing, the beat of your heart, pay careful attention so that you confidently surrender to living fully.

2. Intend to forgive someone (also counts if it is yourself)

When we live in a very mental way, without opening our hearts, we can accumulate resentments or regrets from the past. Let them go. They no longer exist. :)

3.Intend to smile more

Sometimes the simplest and simplest of actions takes us to a state of greater joy. Smiling for no reason is one of them.

4. Try to be more patient

If you are as desperate as me, I recommend being intentional and asking for help to let go of control, observing when you are starting to get restless and taking a few minutes to breathe and feel your heart.

5. Try not to judge your thoughts and not identify with everything you think

You know what they say, don't believe everything you think.

6. Intend to observe your emotions and not become them

You know what they say, it takes about 2 and a half minutes for an emotion to be felt in the body and then it's gone. Give yourself a chance to feel and then release it without following the mental roll.

7.Intend self-love

It has been difficult for me to learn this lesson hahaha. Unconditional Love begins with yourself. It has helped me to meditate on the concept of love without conditions.

Tell me how you feel and what intentions you have used for your Cacao.

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Buenos Días Perdón fíjate que estoy tomando Mi Cacao, soy una persona de la Tercera edad; me gusta mucho y me siento muy bien; pero tengo Obesidad y la Nutriologa me dijo que lo tomara solo una vez a la Semana; en verdad tiene Mucha Grasa que me puede afectar?

Guadalupe Isabel Carrillo Bueno

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