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Once upon a time there was the story of the Mazorquitas. From that town whose name no one remembered (ahem, ahem, Northern Rome) a group of Mazorquitas were located before reaching Vida. It was a workshop, like any other, on a day, different from the others, when that lady thought of mixing Cocoa. Invaded by the exquisite plague of nostalgia, she proceeded to do tests without knowing if the formation of Life would be possible. Will it be from scratch? What can one be born again? And then, suddenly, the house was filled with hope, like the detrophied brain that suddenly learns to look in any other way. “The date” “The honey” Of course! Let them agree with Cacao. 

And so, a unique and patentable mass began to be forged, which would allow the famous Mazorquitas to be formed by hand. The mixture was warm, like the best things in Life, and the dance between the ingredients was beginning to accelerate. They rubbed each other, almost allowing them to make love, and yes, between three. All mixed up, sweaty, the cocoa moaning and the date sighing, wallowing in pleasure. The honey was part of it, as if with a honeyed, almost disastrous tenderness, as it usually is when one spills so much honey. He managed to gently caress their precious ingredients again, and boy did they agree, shuddering with pleasure.

The time had come, since they were all mixed together, to add the final touch, the happy ending, (but we are not done yet) the moment that everyone was waiting for, the spark that creates Life, the pleasure that hurts, the culmination of the characters, becoming two in one, or in this case three in one, being part, for just a second, of what would appear in our human situation, as the true essence of God. (And yes, all this describes the orgasm) that the three ingredients form when they come into contact with the Himalayan Pink Salt, which is the specialty of the recipe, which makes the cocoa more cocoa and the honey and the date less simple ingredients. and more elements participate in the creation of Existence. 

12 grams each, first in a ball, kneading, like the fetus in the mother's womb, when its eyes are formed from nothing, creating life, consciousness, but it still does not have a brain. Thus each Mazorquita, beginning its awakening, beginning to feel its duty to be. Contemplating without thinking yet, in the meaning of his existence. 

The oval shape is, imitating the real cob, the shape, curiously, of life itself, and like cocoa seeds, they form as if they were small vaginas, with lips and clitorises and vulvas. (But these are actually, if completely edible) 

It enters like a ray of light, the gift of consciousness, as it awakens each one, like the flowers that open in spring and the wind that blows giving breath to the trees in the winter. 

Welcome to Life, Mazorquitas. 

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Precio del cacao y datiles

Garmendia Irma

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