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Artículo: Testimoniales Ceremoniales

Testimoniales Ceremoniales

Testimoniales Ceremoniales


I expected to come out of this experience knowing how to make a great cup of hot chocolate. What actually happened was much more impactful and powerful. Maria’s passion for educating about the spirituality of the cacao experience is beautiful and admirable. I left feeling heartful, joyful and inspired; inspired to both start incorporating the magic of cacao into my own daily ritual but, also, to focus on manifesting my contribution to the world in as meaningful a way as Maria has. 

Transformational. Was going through a lot and it felt I knew Maria from long ago. A true healer with a beautiful spirit - learned so much about the power of Cacao! Muchisimas gracias 💗
Schaumburg, IL
This was absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed the opportunity to learn about and taste true Mexican cacao as well as experience it for its healing and meditative powers. It's the perfect experience for slowing down in the busy city and centering yourself. Maria is a world-class chef and she focuses on cacao, bringing all of its amazing properties to guests and sharing her brand for a completely immersive experience. Definitely recommend for those who embrace meditation, love making new connections with yourself and others, and love chocolate. 
Ocala, FL
Where do I begin!? I wanted to get to know more about cacao and connect with others while in town and ended up meeting a new beautiful friend. Maria’s guided meditation was amazing and very heart opening . I was definitely in tears and was exactly what I needed during this trip. I highly encourage you to come learn and be open to meeting new friends and tasting Maria’s luxurious cacao. You won’t regret it !
Maria’s cacao was wonderful. It was as thick as blood, potent, and heart opening. She was a wonderful guide. Highly recommend!
Levi, Kingston, PA
Simply amazing. Very deep, emotional and rewarding experience. Unique. Beautiful. Highly recommend. From the moment you walk in, you are enchanted by the set up. Maria is so beautiful inside and out. She guided us through a meditation that was heartfelt and magical. We all cried - but in a nice way. It’s just a very moving experience. Do it. 
Katy, Bondi, Australia
First time doing a Cocoa Meditation, and after this I would like to do it as much as I can. This experience was unique. Maria is an amazing person that will guide you during the meditation. I’m really thankful for this. Her place is full of magic and peace!!! I hope I have the chance to do it again! I highly recommend it! Definitely 10/10. 
The cacao ceremony and meditation was exactly what we needed. It was relaxing, grounding, introspective, personal, and heart-opening. Maria was a great guide, she has a calming and soothing voice and is passionate about cacao. This is a powerful, intimate and unique experience! 
Eitan, Miami, FL
The cacao ceremony with Maria was a wonderful experience! The space is GORGEOUS. The cacao is delicious and the ceremony is thoughtfully guided by Maria. She is warm and friendly and the whole experience is comfortable and relaxing. I would highly recommend! 
Calla, Denver, CO

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